Can a VT technician also work on snubbers?

At ANO Mechanical Maintenance contracts out the snubber work to one company.

The contractor provides the testing, building, removal, installation and the VT Technicians.

The question was raised to me if a VT technician can be involved in the removal and installation of a snubber that they will also perform the VT on.

My opinion is: A VT can remove a snubber after performing the AFVT, but do not allow the VT to be involved in the install, IF they will be performing the ALVT. This being said the VT tech also has the remove and install qualifications. 

What do ya’ll do? What do you think of my opinion? We cannot find anything written that discusses this at all.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need clarification.

Damage on the snubbers – High freq – low amp


We had experience damage on our snubbers from fretting corrosion. This is due to high frequency and low vibration which causes our spherical bearing to fail and the connection point to wear. Also there are damage on the pins. The snubbers itself are OK, or to be exact it passed the test.

How did you or what direction did you go? Did you went for ˝Gerb˝ type solution, or maybe ˝Enidine˝ solution to replace the snubbers?

Any info on experience would be highly appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

Darko Štambuk,

Pre-Outage Snubber Testing

As we move to shorter outages, our leadership team is looking to optimize our resources as much as possible. Our procedure allows for snubber testing to begin no earlier than 60 days prior to a scheduled outage. They are discussing the possibility of utilizing LCO 3.0.8 (Not sure if this is the same across plants) to remove and test snubbers online. I was wondering if any other plants have done something similar to this and started testing their snubbers online, prior to the scheduled outage?

Note: We would immediately replace the snubber that was removed with a rebuilt, pre-tested snubber which would take out the question of operability of the system that the snubber was associated with.


Entergy currently uses a qualification card for each specific program (IST, check valves, snubbers, etc) and management is looking into “streamlining” this and potentially eliminating qualification cards where possible. I am interested in if other utilities have done this for snubbers and if so what they have put in place (if anything).




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