Nate Frank

Do you test your snubbers at your site, on your test bench, prior to installation?
Yes within 60 days of installation
Have the test results been satisfactory?
Yes, both new/rebuilt and rebuilt from the warehouse shelf (controlled environment) for a couple of years.

Has any site had recent issues with new snubbers from the manufacturer failing functional tests prior to installation, or their first test after install?
Several new snubbers are very close to minimal acceptance criteria range, i.e. 6-10 ipm and As Found New would be close to 6.0 new and this outage one snubber after 2 outages was 5.96 ipm which is an acceptance criteria failure.

What percentage of new snubbers tested have you had issues with?
Only recently in three years on new snubbers.

What test bench was used? Barker-Diacon

Nate Frank
AEP – DC Cook