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Bergen-Power Pipe Supports, Inc. is a complete line manufacturing and engineering organization offering pipe hanger, supports, restraints, and specialty devices to support and control piping and equipment used in Nuclear and Fossil power generating stations as well as other industrial piping applications.
Our hydraulic snubbers utilize a pressurized manifold design consisting of a high pressure main cylinder, a flow control section containing a dual stage velocity sensitive poppet valves with self-cleaning orifices and a spring based air/oil interface hydraulic reservoir.

These units utilize a tamper-proof control valve requiring no external piping, which can be oriented in any special position for installation. Available withEthylene-propylene (EP) elastomer seals and General Electric SF-1154 Methyl Phenyl Polysiloxane Silicone Fluid they offer an economical solution for high radiation areas.

Our snubbers are available to commercial, 10CFR50 Appendix B, and ASME Section III Quality Assurance plans. All nuclear units would ship from our accredited Donora, Pennsylvania facility.
For more information regarding Bergen-Power Pipe Support, Inc. products and capabilities please contact the following people:

Donald Culkin
Richard Carr
Albert Shumilla

225 Merrimac Street
Woburn , Massachusetts
Tel:       781.935.9550
FAX:   781.938.0026

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